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tomatoes clips

tomatoes clips

285 TL

Durable tomato body clip We produce 23 mm and 25 mm clips, and there are 10,000 pieces in the box and the clip is obtained from original and recycled raw materials. The raw material processed in the plastic injection machine from two kinds of raw materials takes shape in the mold injected at 200 and 250 degrees. The mold design of the clip produced in the plastic injection machine is very important. The plastic injection process is a job that requires a good mold and good mastery, the design of the mold should be perfect for the fine lines and durability of the clip, we have achieved the efficiency of our product quality with the molds we designed considering this importance. After the tomato clip 23 mm 32 comes out of the machine in the machine, it becomes ready by being packaged after the cooling process. Tomato clips producer company is MİOSAN TARIM. Our company, which attaches importance to domestic production so that the products you use in your greenhouse are of good quality and suitable, is pleased that you prefer us.