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shade powder

shade powder

450 TL


•Add the shading powder slowly into the water inside the pulverizator tank and run the mixer. Keep it running which is very important for the mixture.

•A tank with a speed mixer is advised. Incase the pulverizator has no mixer the mixing process must be done by a pre mixer tank, then slowly add the powder and run the circulation pump. If there’s an included mixer to the tank then mix the powder straight with the circulation pump.

•Fuse the powder utmost and there will not be any blockage inside the filters.

•Keep mixing the powder until all the water dries in the tank.

•At the end of the application wash the pulverizator’s spurs holes and clean the filters regularly.


Incase the pulverizator is a mobile one and has no included mixer follow the instructions below.

1.Use a tank full of water and add the shading powder SLOWLY as much as needed

2.Prepare the suspension

3.Mix the powder inside the water filled tank for 10 mins

4.Keep mixing it until all the water dries


Add the insecticides (pesticides) and other ingredients to the tank after preparing the suspension


1 bag of MİOSAN SHADOW DUST (25 kg) covers an area between 1.500m and 2000m.

 miosan shadow powder 150. Use in 200 liters of water.

Shading rate changes as the water rate increases. Addition of water above this rate is not recommended.

With the right water ratio and a good mix, you will get a perfect shade.

MiOSAN SHADOW POWDER covers the plants like a white powder film on GREENHOUSE AND GLASS surfaces to protect them from the sun.

 MİOSAN SHADOW POWDER helps prevent sunburn damage and protects the fruit.

It can be used on trees such as apple, pear, peach, citrus, strawberry and some field crops. It is completely natural. It is very suitable for use on greenhouse and glass surfaces 10. Stays on the greenhouse surface for 12 weeks.