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Miosan Shadow Powder

We are the Greenhouse Shadow Powder brand of the Mediterranean Region. Our aim is to offer quality Shadow Powder, Shadow Gel and accessory products to our producers quickly and economically. Our employees offer years of experience to their customers with self-confidence and determination. The sector we serve is home to a wide range of domestic and foreign markets and appeals to a large audience in the market. Our variety is updated according to the supply and demand relationship, and customer satisfaction is ensured with orders and stocks.


Shadow Powder

Shade Powder is an environmentally friendly completely natural product whose soil mixture does not vary stably. It does not contain any chemicals.

The solubility of the ingredients in nature is minimal and does not cause side effects. It is applied in glass and nylon greenhouses. In addition to not eroding the material it is used, it has a protective feature and prolongs the wear time. It has a fineness of 0.5 microns and the use of shadow powder that identifies with water is very simple. Although it can withstand long and heavy rains, it can be removed optionally at any time.

It is used to protect the plants from the harmful rays of the sun and to provide a better healthy yield. Shadow powder; Contrary to popular belief, lime does not contain material. It has binding and retaining properties. As long as the shadow powder does not come into contact with water, it can stay in stock for a long time and does not show any deterioration.

Shadow powder prices are reasonable, and its appeal to be used when looking at its benefits has made it a needed product in the market.

Miosan Shadow powder is made by our qualified personnel and presented to the satisfaction of the customer after preliminary checks. Especially in Turkey, mainly in the Mediterranean region and the world it is available for sale in many parts dealer. Our orders are updated according to the supply and demand balance and are offered to our customers in desired quantities with stocks.

Expanding and strengthening family agriculture Turkey hosts Miocene accumulation of years of agriculture revealed that experienced employees with powder shadow is pleased to share with the family. It is quite simple to find miosan shadow powder, which acts as an antibiotic against the damages of the sun, and orders are received via the internet. As a matter of fact, while this desired product is scattered in the market, quality is in your hands with the assurance of miosan agriculture. The market we are in is very large and miosan agriculture is happy to be able to serve you with a pearl in its hand in the center of this market. is the owner. Unfiltered sunlight contains the most red light. As the sun goes down, the ratio of far-red light increases. Far-red light does not initiate photosynthesis. Therefore, the long-term survival of photosynthesizing creatures depends on their understanding of the relative abundance of red light and far-red light. This is where the phytochrome system comes into play.

Phytochrome has two forms: active form and inactive form. When the inactive shape absorbs red wavelengths, it changes to its active form. The active form informs the plant that there is sufficient light for physiological activity. When the far-red wavelengths prevail in the ratio of wavelengths that reach the active form (when the plant is in the shade or when the sun is setting), the phytochrome returns to the inactive form again. Thanks to this on-off switch, decisions such as the growth or flowering of the plant are made. Thanks to the ratio of efficient and inefficient forms, the plant can know what time of year it is. If the number of inactive phytochromes in its tissues is higher, the plant knows that the days are shortened. Phytochrome is also related to the number and size of leaves a plant will develop.

Likewise, phytochromes play a role in the plant's awareness that it is in the shade. The higher the number of neighboring plants, the more filtered the incoming sunlight will be, the greater the ratio of far-red light. Phytochromes are also important in sprouting seeds. Small seeds that do not have enough nutrient stores wait for their phytochromes to activate in order to germinate. Thus, they do not risk sprouting in the shade or deep under the ground. Greenhouse shadow dust is therefore very important, it breaks the excess rays of the sun and allows it to pass through by filtering the amount of rays that should be inside.