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Antalya agricultural products

Antalya agricultural products
2021-01-15 16:47:15

Due to its geographical location and weather climate, Antalya is located in a convenient location for agricultural lands and farming.

Our tomatoes can be grown without being exposed to more colorful sunburn with the shadow powder we produce in order to protect the most common tomato cultivation and other greenhouse products in summer in the hot months of summer, and miosan shadow powder serves you with the best quality in the sector as a product that prevents the plants from drying out from excessive heat. Antalya and Turkey also produced by all plants sunburn, exposure can also use the shadow powder produced for the greenhouse and pole plant is native fruit tree burns from protecting exceeding shadow powder 1 bag of 25 kg produced 2 is available in .000 meters area resistant to passing shadow powder 5 rain It is durable and stays on the greenhouse surface for 10 weeks. Miosan products, which are made in Turkey, produce in Antalya axis and miosan agriculture, which exports to foreign countries, brings new products to the market every year.

The fact that these products are domestic products enables our farmers to produce with better quality and more suitable products.