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Shadow Powder Antalya

Shadow Powder Antalya
2021-01-15 16:47:15

What is shadow powder and where is it used?

Shade powder prevents harmful rays of the sun

decreases the temperature conductivity. shade powder is made from white coaline clay.

When shadow dust is sprayed on nylon glass greenhouse and concrete surfaces, it forms a white layer, thus acting as a insulation between the sun and the interior area.

prevents direct sunlight from entering the interior by reflecting the sun rays.

How to prepare Shadow Powder

0.5 micron fine shadow powder miosan 1 sack 25 kg covers an area of ​​1.500 2.000 meters

1 bag of miosan shadow powder mixed with 150 200 liters of water

First, half of the bag is slowly poured into 100 liters of water in the tank and the mixing motor is started.

then the remaining 100 liters of water and shadow powder are poured and mixed at the same time.Miosan shadow powder mixed for 10 minutes

is ready for use