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Cluster Holder Walking Stick

Cluster Holder Walking Stick
2021-01-15 16:47:15

The cluster holder is an 11 mm plastic apparatus that ensures that the yield time of the tomatoes in the greenhouse does not break the clusters and the minerals taken from the root from the stem from the soil reach the fruit to take larger fruits and tonnage fruit. The cluster holder, which has 10.000 pieces in 1 parcel, has 2 kinds of quality that can be made from the original cluster holder and recycled raw material, the original cluster holder and brown cluster holder are known in the market as a cluster supporter.

As the quality and price suitability you want to use in your greenhouse, the brown cluster holder provides you with the best work in terms of cost and price. The importance of miosan cluster holder mold is 3 items that are important in plastic injection works.

1 workmanship quality

2 raw material qualities

3 important mold design

The importance of mold design is carved on the steel with very fine workmanship while designing the mold, and this steel plastic injection is injected at 200 and 300 degrees and the plastic is shaped and processed by cooling. While designing the holder mold, he had it made by considering all these. In the miosan bunch holder, the quality, strength, retention, rope bunch distances are considered. We have two quality products, original and brown, according to customer demand.