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How to Use Non-Drop Shadow Powder?

How to Use Non-Drop Shadow Powder?
2021-01-15 16:47:15

The shadow powder that does not come out is a rain-resistant product that stays in the greenhouse for 12 weeks.

Remaining on the greenhouse surface depends on heavy and heavy rainfall.

Shadow powder with increased durability stays for a minimum of 8 weeks, product durability decreases in areas with hail.

Saving labor and easy-to-use shadow dust does not require re-use if it is used once in February, March, April every year, so our farmers do not have to use shade dust in every rainfall.

shadow powder price and labor become a one-time cost.

Shade powder Granite rocks contain minerals. The hard granite rocks crumble and soften due to the atmospheric effects and the temperature of the underground lava. In this way, feldspar minerals turn into kaolin as a result of long processes.

In this way, thanks to the mineral soil and special mixture we obtained from here, we produced shadow dust that protects your greenhouse that reflects the sun's rays.