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How to Use Miosan Shadow Powder?

How to Use Miosan Shadow Powder?
2021-01-15 16:47:15

Turkey and Antalya also produces agricultural products Agriculture, the last series of Miocene Miocene dust and cool shade of serving users with brands on the market

durable and easily meltable miosan shadow powder 10. Stays on the greenhouse surface for 12 weeks. the production place of our company is located in Antalya Aksu.

We serve you in the shadow powder with a thickness of 0.5 microns.

It can be used on GLASS AND PLASTIC greenhouse surface. In addition, the completely natural miosan shadow powder can be used on the desired tree.

Since Miosan shadow powder forms a thin layer on the greenhouse surface, it extends and protects the plastic life of the greenhouse.

We stand behind every distribution of the goods we produce with the quality and guarantee assurance we offer to our customers.

We would like you to prefer companies that give you guarantees, and to prefer goods that are worth of companies that know the value of your money. miosan shadow powder