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Sun protection powder

Sun protection powder
2021-01-15 16:47:15

Shadow Powder Greenhouse Shade Greenhouse Shadow Powder is a product produced by our company and it allows the greenhouses to keep the internal temperature in balance in the sun.

Shadow dust mines, the construction phase of which is very laborious, are obtained from stable soil, and after the large rock fragments broken into the mountains are broken by the comminution process, the particles passing through the sieve are then reduced with smaller mesh sieves. This process continues a few more times and it becomes 0.5 micron fine at the end, and the powder we have made with special formulas dissolves even more when it comes into contact with water. The shadow powder substance that has become this is mixed with additional products and ensures that the dust adheres to the greenhouse surface and does not pass through the rain. Tomatoes, peppers and similar plants grown in greenhouses cause burning and drying in the sun, they consume the moisture in the greenhouse, we have made great efforts for our farmers to produce auxiliary products in agriculture.With all the products we produce, farmers can produce more efficiently and with practical business convenience. Antalya and Turkey production we ensure that wherever we are product submissions made our address you can reach us easily and phone numbers of our page to get involved, you can get a quick 24-hour search in you for the practical work good yields with reasonable price company in our Antalya located all farmers of our friends here because of the disasters that occur in this month We wish our farmers, who encounter floods every year, get well soon, and hope to find solutions as soon as possible and to grow our products in a healthy and efficient manner without being exposed to them.