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Shadow Powder Prices

Shadow Powder Prices
2021-01-15 16:47:15

The price of Miosan shadow powder is to give our farmers the most suitable powder, which we produce for the purpose of using quality and suitable products, as a result of our dealers visiting us at their places. Provides you with the shading process of your greenhouse at a cost. As miosan is a manufacturer company in the agricultural sector, it provides the opportunity to buy better quality products at a more affordable price. miosan, which sells an average of 60,000 bags of 25,000 buckets of gel annually, serves 50 percent of the agricultural sector.

We guarantee all the products we produce and we have become a company that shows our greatness with our strong stance behind our products.

Our company based in Antalya has a very large sales network as shading powder abroad. It is enough for you to examine the products we produce on our website and send us a message on the whatsapp button to help you one-to-one with the products you need.