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What Are the Benefits of Shadow Powder?

What Are the Benefits of Shadow Powder?
2021-01-15 16:47:15

insulation protection of plants from the sun

benefits of shade dust shade dust, which does not transmit radiation and temperature conductivity, protects the interior of the greenhouse from heat and excessive rays

Thermal insulation, protecting the temperature gradient by reducing the heat flow within the temperature gradient. Heat naturally flows from high temperature to low temperature and the most heat flow occurs along the path where resistance is least. A temperature gradient forms from the side of the high temperature zone to the low temperature zone.

The thermal conductivity numbers of the materials used are different from each other. But only those with a thermal conductivity value (λ) below 0.065 W / mK are thermal insulation materials. Make sure that the correct material is used according to the expectations and purpose and attention should be paid to the insulation conditions of the purchased material.

Climate change

Climate changes affect agricultural products due to changes in temperature and humidity. Agricultural activities can alleviate the effects of global warming, as well as aggravate the situation in misuse. Most of the CO2 gas released into the atmosphere is caused by methane gas emitted by organic wastes decaying under the ground. Again, moist soils where methane gas spreads the most; It is a result of growing wetland agricultural products such as paddy. Moreover, nitrogen is formed in wet or stuffy soil. The greenhouse gas nitric oxide, which consists of this nitrogen, is emitted into the air. Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by making changes in use, and the soil can be used to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.