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shade powder miosan

shade powder miosan
2021-01-23 14:22:20

Slowly add the MİOSAN SHADOW powder to the water in the mixing tank and keep the mixing motor on to ensure mixing, this is important for the mixture.

The spray tank with a fast mixer should be preferred. If there is no agitator in the spray tank, a pre-mixing tank is required. If there is a mixing basket, mix the MİOSAN GÖLGE powder thoroughly with the circulation pump, otherwise it will be very slow.

Start the circulation pump by adding MİOSAN SHADOW powder.

Make sure that the MİOSAN SHADOW powder melts thoroughly so that it passes through the filters of the pump easily and never clogs.

3. Keep mixing until the liquid in the tank is gone.

4. At the end of the application, wash the nozzles of your MACHINE with water. Clean the strainers at regular intervals.

Can be carried by hand or on the back without mixing

If it is difficult to mix in the spray tank, pre-mix it in a separate container.

can be mixed as explained below.

2. In the bucket full of water you can mix, add MİOSAN SHADOW POWDER for the desired dose and mix it gradually and

prepare the suspension.

3. PROVIDE MİOSAN SHADOW POWDER mixture for 10 MINUTES in a closed container filled with water.

4. Continue mixing until the liquid in the tank is gone.

Add pesticides and other additives to the mixing tank after preparing the suspension.