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shade powder turkey

shade powder turkey
2021-01-23 14:15:08

Among the products that can be used for the protection of plants in the greenhouse, we serve as shadow powder shadow gel.

These products are more preferred because they are cost-effective and sufficient to shade in large areas. 1 bag of shadow powder covers an area of ​​25 kg and 2,000 meters.

and refractory facilitates use in being 0.5 microns thick thus does not block the products machine Turkey also made greenhouses, summer will do more harm to excessive heat plants we produce as a solution to solution it has been found a solution for the products required the use of the product shadow ratio of water consistency and koyulukl relevant as The adjustable water ratio is reduced and melted by mixing more, the shadow powder makes a darker shade and it is more resistant to the rain, the headlight among us with other brands is more durable in the rain, it is easy to melt and it does not slip from the greenhouse nylon and glass during squeezing and sticks to the greenhouse surface as it is squeezed, in this case your satisfaction increases, we will continue to serve you with our quality products at all times, we are producing the best now by improving it every year with the first day quality.